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Belted Harness 45 mm chest strap

Belted Harness 45 mm chest strap

SKU: FSH 1.13
  • Application: Fall arrest
  • Attachment: Dorsal position (for fall arrest)
  • Lanyard set: Double leg lanyard with scaffold hooks, Energy absorbing element, 1.75m long (including energy absorber)
  • Adjustment: Leg straps (standard buckles), Chest strap (standard buckle), Waist belt (standard buckle)
  • Sizing: Small, medium, large, XL and 2XL
  • Options: Can be fitted with a Harness Step, Can be supplied with a single leg lanyard
  • Features

    • Easy to fit harness,
    • Lightweight,
    • Waist belt
  • SABS

    SANS 50361:2003 Full body harnesses, SANS 50355:2003 Energy absorbers, SANS 50354:2003 Lanyards

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