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Remote Retrieval Rescue Kit

Remote Retrieval Rescue Kit

SKU: FSK 1.4
R15 870,00Price
  • Application: Remote fall arrest rescue
  • System: Portable vertical ascending and descending system, with setup options for 3:1....4:1....or 5:1 pulley systems
  • Training: Required: Unit Standard ID: 229995 Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems
  • Kit contents

    • A). Anchor sling 150cm (2)
    • B). Static rope 11mm (up to 600m rope length)
    • C). Extension pole
    • D). Kong Frog and connector
    • E). Rigging plate (medium)
    • F). Lory
    • G). Single pulleys (3)
    • H). Jumar handle (2)
    • I). Tape ladde
    • J). Twist-lock carabiner connectors (8)
    • K). 56L Gear bag
  • SABS

    SANS 50362:2008 Connectors, SANS 50795:1996 Anchor devices, EN 341:2011 Descender devices for rescue, SANS 50353-2: 2003 Guided type fall arrestors and SANS 51891:1998 Low stretch kernmantel ropes

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