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Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Kit

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Kit

SKU: FSK 1.5
R1 518,00Price
  • Application: Temporary anchor point
  • System: Portable webbing lifeline, Adjustable span, Maximum of two users at any time, Use with a fall arrest lanyard, fall arrestor or vertical lifeline
  • Training: Required: Unit Standard ID: 229995 Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement fall protection plan
  • Options: Custom webbing lengths, 20m, 30m, 40m

Listed price is on a 20m setup

  • Kit contents

    • A). Anchor slings incorporated into system (2)
    • B). Oval carabiners (2)
    • C). Webbing line incorporated (20m standard)
    • D). Ratchet 50mm
    • E). 28L Gear bag
  • SABS

    Conforms to SANS 50795:1996 Anchor devices, SANS 50362:2008 Connectors

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