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Lithium Fire Extinguishers

What is a lithium extinguisher

Specifically designed as a gel solution to extinguish the threat caused by lithium battery fires. Defend against damage and safely control the flames with Firestorm Gel, the first choice for lithium battery fire protection.

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Achieve results that are unobtainable with conventional extinguishing agents and prevent the propagation of fire with a Firestorm Gel 9 litre fire extinguisher. Firestorms Gel is a pioneering fire extinguishing agent that has been tried and tested as effective lithium battery fire protection. Firestorm’s Gel fire suppression technology is suitable for use in factories, offices, Lithium battery storage centers, E-vehicle parking areas and other locations where there are significant numbers of lithium battery devices are kept or stored.

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With the increasing prevalence of lithium-ion batteries in modern electronics, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems, the risk of lithium fires has become a pressing concern. Traditional fire extinguishers are not always effective in suppressing these intense and highly reactive fires, necessitating a specialized solution.

That's where the Lithium Fire Extinguisher comes in.

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